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July 10, 1947.

Dr. Robert V. Carroll, President,
National Convention and Post Graduate Congress,
Detroit Leland Hotel,
Detroit, Michigan.
May truth richly guide the deliberations of all the sessions of your convention and may the genuine work of the pioneers of Naturopathy rise above and take precedence over the dross of the pseudo science the so called moderns who would make of Naturopathy a school of medicine rather than adhere to its profoundly simply philosophy and effective practice. Naturopathy will stand or fall by its own accomplishments. It ca not be held responsible for the effect of much that is today practiced in its name. The true Naturopathy no matter of what Association or Society he may be a member is a Naturopath, first, last and always and he will n himself accept infiltrations or be a party to those who do.
We welcome all seekers of the truth to attend the Golden Jubilee Congress of the American Naturopathic Association, Inc. July 27 to August 2, at the old home of successful conventions in the past, The Hotel Commodore, E. 42nd Street and Grand Central Terminal, New York, Ne York.
May all your officials and many of your group be among these. We extend the hand of fellowship and communion in the belief an knowledge that the truth will ever prevail.

The American Naturopathic Association, Inc

(The Original and Parent American Naturopathic Association Founded By Dr. Benedict Lust in 1896 and Incorporated In the District Of Columbia in 1919)

Disease Is Nature's Effort
To Get You Well
Regain Your Health
By Living Away Disease!


The rapid and amazing development and progress accomplished by non-drug or physical therapy in recent years has been most phenomenal. The extensive use of these methods in treating the many wounded and disabled in our. Army and Navy hospitals in World war I and more recently in World War II, proved their value beyond question in the quick and remarkable recoveries recoded.
Physical therapy or physiotherapy has become in very truth a human salvage service and its scope of use is constantly widening and its application is to-day attendant with exact precision.
And physiotherapy will do so much more now after World War II reclaiming and bringing back thousands to a normal and useful life.
Physical measures lave been used since ancient times for the treatment of chronic arthritis to cite but one common ailment as is evidenced by the pilgrimage of rheumatic suffer e to spas and hot springs.
Perhaps no disease has been more discussed than arthritis. It has baffled the wisest physicians by its various and difficult forms. And those of us who have come in contact with sufferers know how often there is a tone of hopelessness in the words "I have arthritis" The implication in the tone itself conveys the despair that is associated with the disease. I shall not go into the statistics of arthritis or rheumatoid disorders which are appalling. Suffice it to say that physiotherapy combined with rational dietetic instruction has worked wonders.
The American Medical Association recently announced that as a result of the careful study of fifty arthritis patients, they were convinced that "stress of poverty, grief and worry had done much to cause this disease for the greater majority of these cases.
Worry is the interest we pay before it is due. Many of us need to heed the words "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” we must not drag the future into the present "Keep the fences up between the days" is a favorite phrase of a well known author, by which he means that we ought to live one day at a time. When the new day comes will be time enough to lift its burden. We are always borrowing trouble, much of which never comes except in anticipation.
And those of us who have seen the distressing and strength-sapping forebodings as to the future, know how the patient needs great sympathy and at the same time needs the cheeriest and most tactful counsel, so as to help him or her overcome those wearing down handicaps to health.
When one recalls, too, the oft-quoted words of that great Frenchman, Voltaire, "Physicians put medicine of which they know little into bodies of which they know less, to cure diseases, of which they know nothing at all," he is not surprised that orthodox physicians have become more and more interested in physical therapy.
It should be emphasized that while Physiotherapy is helpful, not only in arthritis and other rheumatoid disorders and many other conditions, to be more effective Naturopathy embracing all those rational constructive non-drug practices and physiological methods conforming to the natural fundamental laws which are indispensable for life and health, should be applied.
Health is just as much a gift to man as life itself. Both are promoted by the same creative forces.
Healing, strictly speaking, is a "recreation" and Nature only can heal. The mighty forces of the universe are dedicated to the promotion of life and health. The supreme and perpetual aim of Nature is life.
Nature only can cure and whatever agent we may use, whether it is a physical or medicinal one, it can do good only insofar as it assists Nature in its work of healing. This is the primary object of every intelligent and successful practitioner. He should ever be a co-worker with Nature.
Light therapy, Helio therapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Exercise, Mechanotherapy and all Physiotherapeutic agents can never be anything else but the healing methods of first choice. Their superiority as curative agents no longer need to be argued upon.
The Natural Laboratories—the fields and forests—produce vegetable plants, roots and herbs, not the laboratories of men. That they were intended to be used in promoting health undoubtedly suggested itself to man instinctively, as they were designed by the Creator to assist Nature in correcting the ills and maintaining the normal health of mankind. In the substitution of chemical and synthetic drugs and inorganic minerals for the Natural Vegetable Herb Foods we have gone altogether too far and paid altogether too much.
There is one great fundamental law which any and every form of therapeutics must accept and observe, if a full measure of success is to be attained. It is the fact that the forces of Nature, without exception, operate under fixed conditions and with unerring certainty. This law of Nature is the very foundation of drugless therapy, the procedures of which are designed to coincide with these natural forces insofar as they govern the physics and chemistry of the human body.
The scientific application of all Natural methods for the restoration of health, and the teaching of natural correct living, is the bounden duty of the Naturopathic Physician.
H. William Baum R.Ph T. D.Sc. New York, N. Y
Source: Year book of the International Society of Doctors of Naturopathy Physicians 1948. And Catalog of the “Golden Jubilee Convention" World Congress of The American Naturopathic Association Inc., 1947, New York. Catalog & Book N° 179. Institute for the library Overcoming Mental and Physical. Professor Narváez.